We See Beyond Tomorrow

For our clients with critical technology requirements, maintaining those mission-critical systems and IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly complicated. In today’s ever-changing network environment, monitoring the entire system and all its vendors is time-consuming and requires constant oversight.

VIE offers a complete portfolio of network and information technology (IT) services that protects organizations from unplanned network outages and system downtime. Our services give public safety agencies greater confidence that their IT infrastructure and related systems run smoothly with proactive monitoring designed to detect and mitigate unplanned interruptions.

VIE’s integrated support includes telephony, secondary and tertiary back connectivity, computer-aided dispatch (CAD), customer premise equipment, records management systems, emergency services internet protocol networks (ESInets), fiber optic networks, Datacenter Asset Management, Field Deployable Assets, 9-1-1 and administrative servers, databases, routers and switches and more.

VIE’s integrated support includes...


Secondary and Tertiary Back Connectivity

Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD)

Customer Premise Equipment

Records Management Systems

Emergency Services Internet Protocol Networks (ESInets)

Fiber Optic Networks

Datacenter Asset Management

Field Deployable Assets

9-1-1 & Administrative Servers, Databases, Routes, Switches & more