Voigt Industrial Electronics is a Denver, NC-based firm specializing in mission critical technology solutions. VIE has a long history of involvement in the public safety, medical, and tactical communications worlds with a particular focus on mobile and field-deployable technology assets. VIE was the lead integrator and prime contractor for the first satellite-connected mobile 9-1-1 PSAP in the Nation in 2008 and continues to be on the leading edge of public safety technology.

Currently, VIE staff are serving as consulting subject matter experts assisting with implementation on the first i3-compliant 9-1-1 ESInets being deployed in the US. Our staff has a unique mix of practical, hands-on public safety, medical, incident management and 9-1-1 experience combined with a broad array of technical expertise that permits us to develop and implement truly effective technology solutions that meet and exceed the specific, demanding requirements of our Government and Private Sector clients.


State and Local Government

Including 9-1-1 PSAPs, Emergency Management, and SMAT agencies.

Private Industry

Especially retail with 9-1-1 connectivity challenges for brick-and-mortar facilities.


Healthcare facilities focused on disaster preparedness and recovery departments.

9-1-1 Service & Solution Providers

Including PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points), ECCs (Emergency Communications Centers), & EOCs (Emergency Operations Centers)

Why choose us?


Our team has over 75 years of experience working with and developing NENA standards as well as implementing and maintaining systems employing those standards.

Certified professionals

Our team maintains numerous certifications in a broad array of relevant technologies, ensuring a best-practices approach to all our solutions.

Customer-oriented approach

We understand the importance of reliable, responsive support for mission-critical systems.

Proactive Monitoring

Leveraging our 24-hour Network Operations Center, we provide proactive monitoring, alerting, and incident response for potential issues related to all our provided services.

24/7 Support

Our NetOps team is available 24/7 to provide assistance and support to our clients. Tier 2 and 3 engineering resources are also available around the clock on an on-call basis for response to complex issues or unforeseen requirements.

VIE and its staff has a long-running track record of successfully implementing complex, multi-disciplinary projects in an efficient manner, with on-time and under-budget delivery on each project.

The staff of VIE pride themselves on providing the highest possible level of customer support – we recognize that the availability and support response requirements in these fields are like no other. No matter the situation, VIE will work to ensure that each deployment of our systems is a complete success and that the capabilities of the systems evolve over time to keep pace with the changing requirements of you our client.

VIE also takes pride in the fact that we are not just a specialty vehicle provider, nor simply a technology provider. Instead, we provide a unified, coordinated combination of a vehicle with technology systems tailored to meet the requirements of each specific client. This means avoiding issues of coordination (or lack thereof) between separate providers of vehicle infrastructure and technology systems, and results in a more robust, reliable, and cost-effective implementation. We are truly a turn-key provider for systems of this type!

So, whether you require on-scene augmentation of your staff or technology assets, a ground up built of a response asset, or a comprehensive refresh of an existing one, we can help!



9-1-1 & Emergency Management

Solutions for life-safety-critical connectivity and infrastructure

Commercial IT Services & Support

Solutions for business-mission-critical IT environments

Networking & Internet

Solutions for connectivity in greenfield and austere environment


Solutions for telephony at scale and across geodiverse sites

NENA Compliance

We help our clients understand and comply with the latest NENA standards and guidelines for implementing legacy and NG-9-1-1 systems.

System Integration

Our team of experts will work with your organization to integrate disparate systems with your existing infrastructure, ensuring seamless and reliable operation.

Maintenance & Support

We provide ongoing maintenance and support of systems, including software updates, troubleshooting, and incident response.

Data Security & Disaster Recovery

We understand the importance of keeping emergency data secure. We help our clients develop and implement disaster recovery strategies in case of system failure.

Training & Education

We offer training and educational resources for our clients, to help them understand the technical requirements and best practices for implementing and maintaining deployed systems.

Communication Channels Support

We can help our clients to handle different communication channels like voice, text, video, and multimedia.

Our Clients

IT requires an exceptional level of customer service, and VIE delivers.



Founded 1996, Voigt Industrial Electronics is now a 10 person specialty technology consulting firm.


Provided design, engineering, and implementation of the first satellite-connected 9-1-1 PSAP in the US.


Provided principal engineering and design consultation for the MA state NG-9-1-1 project core services.


Provided principal engineering, design, and implementation services for 168 PSAPs in Northern CA.